Monitoring of pathogens via air samples

Within the foreseeable future, AeroCollect™ will make it possible to replace the current boot swab with a simple air sample collected using the AeroCollect™ equipment in connection with Salmonella monitoring of Danish poultry. Besides the purely logical advantages for the individual producer in the form of a simpler, faster and cleaner sampling procedure, where the risk of external contamination is minimised, a Salmonella monitoring program based on AeroCollect™ will provide new and wholly unique opportunities, both in the monitoring of known production-debilitating diseases and in tackling recently introduced exotic diseases.

With a Salmonella monitoring program based on air samples collected using AeroCollect™ it will be possible with just a few days’ warning to implement screenings of all poultry populations in Denmark for the relevant virus or bacteria, as there is enough material in the collected air samples for an entire panel of analyses based on molecular detection of the pathogen in question.

Pathogens that have been shown to be present in the air in poultry populations:

TRT E. Coli IBV Chicken Astro Virus Reovirus Adenovirus Enterococcus Cecorum Campylobacter

Validated tests:

Salmonella (expected 2017)

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