Monitoring of pathogens via air samples

Like other industries in the veterinary sector, the air sampling equipment AeroCollect™ will open new possibilities for a far more rapid intervention in case of a production disease being introduced into the livestock population. With a routine monitoring of the most usual pathogens such as PRRSV, AP, mycoplasma and swine flu, it will be possible to detect and thereby treat these epidemics in the very early stages, when just a few of the animals in the population are infected.

A national monitoring programme for Salmonella, for example across all populations could also be used as a tool in tackling exotic diseases, in the case that these are introduced to the country. If there is a suspicion that an exotic swine disease has been introduced, for example African swine fever, it would be possible to screen all the populations in Denmark simply by analysing the tests which have already been collected for the Salmonella monitoring for the existence of the virus in question.

Pathogens that have been shown to be present in the air in pig populations:

African swine fever

Validated tests:

African swine fever (expected 2017)

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