Air sample-based plasmacytosis screening of mink populations

The mink industry in Denmark produces approximately 18 million mink furs annually (2015 figures) from around 1500 Danish mink farms. Around 98% of the mink furs that are sold at Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions are exported. Fur is Danish agriculture’s third-largest animal export commodity, and furs account for more than DKK 7 billion of sales each year.
One of the primary threats to these exports is the plasmacytosis virus, which can not only prove fatal for the mink but also significantly reduce production and quality.

In the long run, AeroCollect™ will make it possible to demonstrate the presence of the plasmacytosis virus non-invasively directly from air samples, as a supplement to blood samples taken on the mink farms.

Act fast against contagion

Use AeroCollect™ if you suspect contagion or infection in your livestock population. With AeroCollect™ you can quickly screen your livestock population for plasmacytosis with a view to subsequent blood sampling, which can make the final diagnosis.

AeroCollect™ is also ideal for screening the population before the animals are to be transported to another location and places where there are no living animals.

Pathogens that have been shown to be present in the air in mink populations:

Validated tests:

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