Simpler monitoring of diseases

AeroCollect™ has been developed to accommodate the wish from the agricultural industry for a simpler and more routine based monitoring of production-debilitating diseases in livestock populations.

Within many sectors animal populations are currently monitored using spot checks, to the extent that such monitoring even exists. Depending on how many spot checks are made, this is a very cumbersome process logistically speaking, which often requires that the samples are taken by a veterinarian or similar specialist in the form of swab, blood or saliva tests. Besides being logistically demanding, there is also a statistical uncertainty to these measurements. This makes it necessary to take numerous spot checks in order to catch a burgeoning disease in its early phases.

Consequently, infectious diseases are not detected until the symptoms are visibly noticeable, often in the form of reduced production.

What is unique about the air sampling technology is that it is possible to collect and concentrate bacteria and viruses directly from air samples in one sample chamber combined with a molecular biological analysis. Using this equipment it has been possible to demonstrate the presence of a variety of bacteria and viruses in stalls and stable environments.

During 2016 an intensive validation process of the mink screening method was performed. FORCE Technology will in the future be able to test different livestock populations for a variety of bacteria and viruses, including salmonella, MRSA, campylobacter, E.coli and plasmacytosis.







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