The Device

Quick and easy screening in the stall

AeroCollect™ is a hand-held air sampler with corresponding disposable sample chambers, which contain a small collection chamber. The device, which can be washed and disinfected, is used directly in the stall or stable environment.

How the device works

AeroCollect ™ is extremely easy to use and is equipped with just two buttons (on and off). The air sample in AeroCollect™ is concentrated in a small sample chamber. The sample chamber for air sampling is compatible with standard qPCR and other micro and molecular biological analysis methods, where the big advantage is that the test is already concentrated into a small volume and does not need to be prepared for analysis.
The amount of sampled air depends on the duration of the sample taking. The air sampler collects around 200 ml of air per minute.

Once an air sample has been carried out the disposable sample chamber in the device can be easily removed and replaced with a new sample chamber, so that AeroCollect™ is ready to collect the next sample.

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