Disease screening based on air samples


The newly developed air sampling tool AeroCollect™ now makes it possible to detect a wide range of bacteria and viruses in stalls and stable environments directly from air samples. These are undertaken in just a few minutes, after which the filled sample chambers can be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

Treatment in the early stages

Using the unique air sampling kit AeroCollect™ it is possible to monitor an entire group of livestock for a panel of contagious diseases and infections. Simply by sending air samples collected with AeroCollect™ to the laboratory, you can keep a regular check on disease development in your livestock population. In this way you can start any treatments in the early stages, before production becomes significantly affected.

You can also benefit from using AeroCollect™ to test your animals before they are transported to another location.

Quick and easy collection of air samples

Collection is made by walking with the switched-on device through the stall. With a sampling time of five minutes – or the time it takes to walk through the stall – it is possible to diagnose any diseases in the livestock population in line with blood tests. After collecting the air sample the filled sample chambers are sent for analysis, which is carried out in traditional laboratories.

The air samples are tested up against traditional sampling procedures for a wide range of pathogens, where we have demonstrated that the air sample technology is at least as sensitive as traditional blood tests and boot swabs.

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