AeroCollect™ – a unique air sampler for stall or stable environments. Screening for bacteria and viruses in air samples.

AeroCollect™ is a unique air sampling equipment for the screening of bacteria and viruses in livestock. The equipment has been developed with the precise intention of being able to function in extremely dusty surroundings such as stables and stalls.

Air sample for the entire livestock population

The hand-held air sampler is capable of collecting bacteria and viruses from air samples in a disposable sample chamber. Typically, the air suction for each sample takes less than 5 minutes, which has proven to give a representative picture of all the livestock.

Rapid analysis results

The final analysis of the air samples takes place in the laboratory, where genetic traces of the viruses and bacteria collected in the chambers are measured. This analysis can be completed in around one hour. The test method is currently validated by FORCE Technology for the mink industry. In the long term, the individual farmer or veterinarian will be able to carry out on-the-spot analysis themselves. It is a simple procedure, where the sample chamber is moved from the air sampler into an analyser.

Overall state of health

The advantage of screening based on air measurements rather than spot checks is that an air measurement provides an insight into the overall health of the herd, whereas a spot check only studies a few individuals and can therefore easily overlook a potential infection.

Easy and effective disinfection

AeroCollect™ is designed with the intention of providing an easy and effective disinfection, to avoid infections being transmitted between livestock groups.

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