About us

AeroCollect™ has been developed by FORCE Technology with partial support from the Danish Agency for Science and Education.

FORCE Technology has launched a comprehensive activity plan for 2016-2018 with the aim of building up new test methods and services for air sample based disease screening benefitting up to 9,000 production facilities for poultry, pigs and mink. These services enable the producers to carry out screenings of their livestock populations for a number of disease-causing pathogens with the purpose of optimising animal welfare, production and quality as well as reducing the use of antibiotics.

The new testing method enables producers to monitor their own livestock populations, to optimise production and only medicate in cases where, in consultation with the veterinarian, it is considered necessary.

DELTA and FORCE Technology have merged and are now one of Scandinavia’s largest technological consultancy companies. The merger means that our Danish and international customers have easier access to a wide range of unique competencies, services, and facilities.

We continue to deliver high quality and technology-based expert services to our customers.

For more information about our services and facilities – Visit FORCE Technology.

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